Our expertise doesn’t stop with construction, infrastructure or branding. Our leadership team has been sought out as experts to both mainstream and cannabis industry media. A few of our highlights are listed below.

Press Releases

Coachella™ Premium Cannabis Brand Expands Presence in Dispensaries throughout California

IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2018 / Cultivation Technologies, Inc. (“CTI”), a leading manufacturer and distributor of licensed cannabis in California through its subsidiaries Coachella Manufacturing and Coachella Distributors, announced today that its Coachella™ Premium brand of cannabis concentrates and vape cartridges are gaining traction in California dispensaries.

Cultivation Technologies, Inc. Adds Former Regional Administrator of SEC Irving Einhorn as Independent Director – Rounding Out Recent Board Additions

“We are pleased to add Irving as our fifth director. His experience in securities compliance and regulatory issues in securities is unparalleled,” stated Miguel Motta, CEO & Chairman of Cultivation Technologies, Inc. “Following the recent additions of Robert Bernheimer and Robert Kamm – CTI now features a well-rounded board comprised of both business and legal experts.”

Cultivation Technologies, Inc. Board of Directors Evolves

Cultivation Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that CEO, Miguel Motta, has been appointed as Chairman of the Board. Robert Kamm and CTI’s Chief Counsel, Robert A. Bernheimer, have also joined the board. Mr. Kamm serves on the board as the representative of CTI’s lead investor, FinCanna Capital.

Media Coverage

Will Regulations Really Make ‘Honey Oil’ Labs Safe?

"...Advocates for California’s new law say it is designed to make honey oil production safer. 'If you’re doing it in your garage, under no circumstance is that safe,' Justin Beck of Cultivation Technologies said. That’s why Beck believes in regulation. Cultivation...

Citing likely Prop 64 passage, Coachella puts pot tax on ballot

Coachella has already reached an agreement with Irvine-based Cultivation Technologies Inc., to build an 111,500-square-foot cultivation and manufacturing facility on six acres of land at 84-811 Avenue 48.  This plan was approved by council on July 13.

Your Business Your News

Cultivation Technologies Inc. will be the first company to build and operate a full-service cannabis campus in Coachella and has brought on board renowned biotechnology expert and researcher Eric Mathur as Chief Science Officer to help them achieve that goal.

City of Coachella approves marijuana cultivation

After approval in Desert Hot Springs and Cathedral City, the City of Coachella is next to open their doors to the marijuana industry and it became official tonight with a unanimous city council vote

What Background Prepares You for The Cannabis Industry?

Amidst these opportunities for preparedness, the entrepreneurial spirit is nonetheless vital. Industry veteran Justin Beck of Cultivation Technologies put it this way. “More than anything, entrepreneurs must be willing to adapt to change and overcome failure.  These traits are common in entrepreneurs as a whole, but are absolutely vital when it comes to the cannabis industry.”

Cannabis Powerhouse to open in Coachella

Irvine-based Cultivation Technologies is taking advantage of a new local ordinance that allows cannabis cultivation. Their unique facility will cover the entire process through the supply chain.

Irvine-Based Company Launches Coachella-Branded Cannabis Project

The legal cultivation of marijuana has become possible in some areas of California within the last year. Desert Hot Springs, for example, is one of the major hotspots in Socal that’s seen an influx of ganjapreneurs locking down acreage for the development of cultivation compounds. The city of Coachella, however, has established an ordinance that has the potential to make it the front-runner in cultivation practices, thanks to Irvine based marijuana branding and tech company, Cultivation Technologies

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